Mental Health, Dementia and Neurological Conditions

Our network was established in 2013 to develop a system wide approach to designing and maintaining mental health, dementia and neurology services across Wessex.

As a network we are aware of the significant healthcare challenges that mental ill health, dementia and neurological conditions present, and acknowledge there is still much to be done to improve clinical outcomes and experience for patients and their families and carers.

The raised national profile of these conditions provides an opportunity for service users, providers or commissioners to work together to reshape pathways, refocus investment, and deliver improved services.

Our aspiration is for everyone to live longer healthier lives, and to make responsible decisions about the use of the resources available to us to achieve this end.

Dementia Diagnosis Toolkit Short Films

A series of videos have been developed by the Network to support the use of the Dementia Diagnosis Toolkit. In the films, local health and care professionals discuss their role in developing and using the toolkit and the  impact on the people they care for.

  • The Impact of using the Dementia Diagnosis Toolkit

    A discussion between Dr Chris Kipps, Clinical Director MHDN and the Memory Assessment Nurse on the benefits of a clear diagnosis.

  • GP led Diagnosis and Referral Information

    Dr Chris Kipps and a Wessex GP discuss GP led diagnosis, time to diagnose, referral information, and the toolkit as an educational tool.

  • The Benefits of a Dementia Diagnosis in a Care Home

    A conversation between a Memory Assessment Nurse and Care Home Manager on the benefits of clear dementia diagnosis.

  • Why do we make changes?

    Dr Chris Kipps discusses the successes and challenges of changing pathways of care as part of the Wessex Clinical Network Dementia Pathway Redesign project.

  • Technical Guidance

    A short film demonstrating all the steps in the toolkit including taking a patient and clinical history, assessment, medical review and improving post diagnostic care.

Mental Health, Dementia and Neurological Conditions