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Clinical Senate Assembly Members participate in deliberating issues of strategic importance using their skills and knowledge to improve healthcare in the Wessex Area.

We aim to make as much of the work virtual as possible. Time commitment will depend on the interests of the Assembly Member and the topics under discussion. There is likely to be at least one face-to-face meeting a year.

Applications are welcome from enthusiastic and passionate health and social care professionals from all disciplines who are actively involved in health care delivery across Wessex and on the boundaries of Wessex, and who are able to command the respect of clinical and non-clinical professionals.

To apply for membership of the Clinical Senate Assembly, simply complete our Member Enquiry Form.  

Please provide your name, contact details, role and employing organisation. This should be supported by a statement of no more than 300 words describing your professional background and areas of interest, a statement identifying your reason for applying for membership and describing what you will bring to the Clinical Senate. Your application will need to be sponsored by either the Medical or Nurse Director (or equivalent board member) from your organisation.

We also have patient and public members of the Clinical Senate Assembly – but they will be recruited via a different route. For further details email:

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