Our View, by Dr Christopher Kipps and Dr Denise Cope

Denise Cope Blog, Mental Health Network

It’s a problem all of us face. There are times when it seems that nothing is joined up, we don’t know what is happening in our area, and we don’t know how best to share what we do. Networking is a priority in transformation. Without this, many excellent transformation efforts will come undone, and fail to be sustainable. Without joining up, we struggle to be more than the sum of the parts.

Efforts to transform should transcend individuals and organisations, yet are dependent on both.

Delivery at scale requires this.
The aim of our Mental Health, Dementia and Neurological Conditions Clinical Network is to explore ideas and transform pathways to deliver operational gains for patients through change. We do this by being aware of what is happening, and using our understanding of clinical and service pathways to link people to ideas, and in turn to parts of the system that can make things happen.

We believe that any service transformation that occurs should pay attention to the whole pathway experience for individuals. Maintaining clarity along the whole pathway and its stakeholders is vital to ensure that we create genuine improvement in patient outcomes and experience, without creating unintended consequences somewhere else.

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